Gone are those days when people used to send classic invitations to invite people to their weddings. Trends have changed and today, some couples may send exquisite and thoughtful gifts along with their customized wedding invites.

We understand that finding the perfect budget-friendly gift can be quite stressful. Therefore, to help you out, we have listed some unique gift ideas that you can send with your fancy wedding invitations. Continue reading to learn more about these fantastic ideas for your friends and family members. 

Gift Idea #1 – Exotic Coffee or Tea  

Small tins of coffee and tea are both a simple and considerate gesture. There are a wide range of flavors that any wedding invitee would enjoy. Not to mention, they can easily be stored for longer periods of time.

Gift Idea #2 – Customized Face Mask 

While we haven’t completely recovered from COVID-19, that doesn’t mean that we will stop living our lives. So, if you’re planning your wedding amid the pandemic, then a customized face mask with a wedding invitation will be a remarkable gift. 

Gift Idea #3 – Baked Goods 

Nothing is better than a mouthwatering box of fresh baked goods! They are a sweet and tasty gesture that everyone loves. Whether its cupcakes or cookies, sending these with your wedding invitations is both a thoughtful and tempting gift. The best part is that you can also get your baked goods customized with your wedding date, initials, color scheme, and so on.

Gift Idea #4 – A Box of Delicious Chocolates  

There isn’t a single person who doesn’t like chocolates. Sending along a lovely box with various flavors will definitely do the trick. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to sweets. Similar to baked goods, you can also get these customized to your liking at local shops.

Gift Idea #5 – Fresh Seasonal Fruits

If you want to send something edible but prefer a healthier option, fresh seasonal fruits are always great. Try to include more than one variety so all of your invitees can enjoy it regardless of their taste. You can also make your fruit basket extra fancy with glitter tissue paper or complementary ribbons.

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