Each year brings its share of novelties to the sphere of wedding stationery, and 2023 will be no different. However, as a groom or bride-to-be, you want to show off your love story in your wedding stationery in a modern and sophisticated way. We’ve rounded up the coolest 2023 wedding invitation trends to help you get ahead of the curve this wedding season by choosing a wedding invitation that reflects your style and the year’s top trends.

A Wax Seal on the Invitation

It’s a trend that has been gaining popularity in 2023 and will definitely be sticking around for 2024. This one-of-a-kind idea has taken the wedding stationery world by storm and is a wonderful way to add another layer of personalization. If you’re thinking about bringing a little bit of old-world charm to your big day, we definitely advise you to go for wax sealing your invitation.

Incorporate Photos in the Invitation

Having fun in front of a photo booth has become a key activity during weddings. Although they will easily get caught up in the game and will gladly pose in front of the lens, future spouses can set an example for their guests with a photo booth wedding invitation.

Embellished with pretty photos on bookmark-style support, this type of announcement is already a nice souvenir gift for the guests.

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Musical Themed Wedding Invitations

When it comes to the musical entertainment of modern weddings, there has been a renewed interest in orchestras playing live. More brides and grooms are interested in offering a real private concert to their guests. A musically themed wedding invitation is, therefore, a good thing to give a hint to your guests of what they can expect during your wedding.

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