Do we hear wedding bells this fall for you? Autumn is an excellent time to plan your wedding. The rustic golden colors are in their prime, so you can have the picturesque fairytale wedding that you have always wanted. We have some great fall wedding invitation ideas that you can incorporate into your wedding invitation to make it more creative and playful.

  • Using An Autumn Wedding Color Theme

Create coherence between the invitation and the wedding event. If your wedding decorations or bridal party dresses feature burgundy, chocolate brown, orange, or other similar colors, we recommend having your fall wedding invitations printed with the same color scheme. Therefore, you will have a pretty invitation that centers around your overall wedding palette.

  • Using Autumn Leaves

Fall leaves are regal and rustic and provide visually appealing shapes and colors for the wedding card. There is no limit to creativity when it comes to designing your wedding invitation. You can choose animated leaves with perfect vectors or even a leaf of the season impressed on the paper to make it more beautiful.

  • Using Ribbons

Ribbons are perfect decoration accessories for a wedding invitation when used right. A small bow at the top of the card or a ribbon spreading across the midsection of the card also adds an interesting touch to your fall wedding invite. You can also have a gold or transparent ribbon tied around the envelope.

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