Weddings are a time for communion, good food, drinking, and dancing. As a distinguished guest, however, you will be expected to bring a gift for the bride and groom. Depending on how well you know the husband and wife to be, this can be a daunting task. The following are a few gifts ideas that shouldn’t disappoint, whether they’re close friends or people you barely know.

Money or Gift Card

I know it seems lazy and uninspired, but money is actually a great gift for someone you don’t know, especially if the couple is going on an extravagant honeymoon or moving into a new house. You can supply a check or cash in an attractive envelope, and leave a thoughtful, congratulatory message with it. A gift card is also perfectly acceptable, especially if you can find out which store their wedding registry is through.

A Sumptuous Gift Basket

You can also think about arranging a thoughtful gift basket to be delivered to the couple before or after their honeymoon. Even if you don’t know the couple that well, a simple phone call to someone who knows their hobbies can give you a good idea of what to do. If you still don’t know, there’s always the generic move of putting together a basket of wines, cheese, chocolates, and assorted candies. It’s hard to go wrong with food and alcohol.

A Perfect Picture Frame

Okay, so a “perfect” picture frame is subjective. Just go out and find a tasteful frame, maybe something with a collage that they can populate with pictures after their honeymoon. You can also go with a classy polished wood or metal frame with the newlywed’s names engraved onto it. Frames are timeless and always make a cherished wedding gift.  

Can’t Go Wrong With the Registry

If you’re really having a hard time and still can’t think of an acceptable gift, buying something from the wedding registry is always a safe bet. These items are specifically chosen by the bride and groom, so any of it will make a great gift. Just remember that if you’re buying something for the home, try to make it non-distinct in style or color. This way, regardless of the couple’s personal decorating tastes, it’ll fit in with their scheme.


It’s always an honor to be invited to a wedding. Whether you’ve known the newlyweds for years or have barely spoken, you’ll still be expected in most cases to arrive with a wedding gift. Many guests struggle with what to buy, but as long as you’re thoughtful and spend some time learning their interests, you’ll have no problems finding the perfect gift. When it comes to fine stationery, wedding favors, and accessories, look no further than the professionals at Forever Friends. We’ll make the most special day of your life even better!