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Winter Wedding Color Schemes

From icy blues and deep greens to warm browns and soft reds, the stunning colors of the winter season are limitless and provide an exquisite palette for your winter wedding invitations. There are many classic and contemporary winter color schemes to choose from, with a lot of inspiration taken from the frosty landscape and foliage of the season. Follow along in our blog as we discuss a few examples of unique, yet sophisticated color palettes for your winter wedding invitations.

Shades of Blue

As the weather cools down, the colors of summer and autumn fade into the background and the icy blues and greys of winter emerge. You can envision the light blue reflections from snow and frozen lakes, as well as deep navy from the night sky. If you are leaning towards a wintry palette for your wedding, then a blue and gray color scheme is the perfect combination. Insert hints of silver for a pop of color to your invitation to make an impression on your guests.

Emerald Hues

The hues from a deep emerald green is a strong reminder of the foliage from the winter season. Paired with gold, the combination of colors present an overall elegant and regal tone for your wedding. As for the wedding invitation, don’t forget to include gold foiling to frame any details on your card. The invitation itself is an indication of what’s to be expected at your wedding destination, so going with colors like emerald and gold will suggest that greenery and foliage will be included.

Copper Tones

Heat up your winter wedding with copper and rose gold tones. These colors are reminiscent of wood and metal materials that you can find in the colder season. Furthermore, these particular shades are ideal for weddings held in a barn or rustic inn, where you can see an abundance of warm, neutral tones. If you decide on copper for your invitation, we suggest a contrast of color for the envelope with a deep gray or black. Your wedding invitation will remain warm and inviting, but still very modern.

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Parts of a Wedding Invitation

wedding invitations on a table

A wedding invite is much more involved than invitations for other parties. It can be a little overwhelming on first glance to figure out what parts of an invitation you actually need. Here’s a rundown of some essential wedding enclosures that you may want included in your invitation design.

Invitation Belly Band

You’ll undoubtedly have many separate paper enclosures within your wedding invitation that your guests will need to keep up with.  A belly band keeps all of these paper items neat and organized by holding them securely together.  It’s usually embellished with the couple’s name or initials, but it’s really up to you.

Map Card

Even in this day and age of GPS technology, it’s still a good idea to include a map card for your guests. You never know if someone’s phone may lose service or run out of a charge. A paper map is helpful backup for your guests to have.

Accommodations Card

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If you have negotiated a special hotel rate for your guests, you may want to include that information on a separate accommodations card. The nightly rate, hotel phone number and any other pertinent information can be included on this wedding invite enclosure. If you have a block of hotel rooms that receive a special rate you will need to include instructions on how your guest can receive the discount price.

Response/RSVP Card

“It can be a little overwhelming on first glance to figure out what parts of an invitation you actually need. “

This is probably the most important part of the invitation. You need an accurate count of who will be attending. Your response card should clearly list the number of guests invited and a deadline for replying. The response card envelope should already be filled out with your return address and appropriate postage to make it as easy as possible for your guests to RSVP. If your guests have a meal choice, this is also included on the RSVP card.

Reception Card

A reception card is helpful if the wedding and reception are held in two different places. This will include the name and address of the reception venue and possibly a map, if you prefer. Don’t forget to put the time! You can state “immediately following the wedding ceremony,” or if there will be a bit of lag time due to photos or other events let your guests know by putting an exact reception time.

wedding cake at a reception

With so many different styles to customize your invitations, you will surely find the ideal combination that expresses your soon-to-be union. Visit our website to see the many styles and formats of elegant wedding invitations we have to offer.

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