Every bride looks for innovative and unconventional wedding decor ideas to add a degree of luxury and distinction for her big day. Whether you’re going for a traditional or modern vibe, one of the things that will take your wedding to the next level is to add some elegance to the guests’ tables. Simply put, you can amaze them by the way the tables are numbered. There are many innovative and inspiring ideas for numbering tables in a wedding reception, so continue reading to see which ones we recommend!

Table Number Stand

If you are looking for simpler and softer wedding table decoration ideas, you can use this idea to number the tables by writing the number of each table in black on a large sheet of white cardboard. Write your name, your husband’s name, and the date of the wedding under the number, then place the card on an elegant stand-in silver. This way, your numbers will stand tall and help guests easily find their assigned table.

Filigree Table Number Cards

For a more elegant and attractive decoration for your wedding party tables, you can write the table numbers on filigree circle cards and hang them on transparent empty bottles. To elevate the luxury few notches, fill the bottles with green tree branches, and scatter some rose leaves on the table around the bottles.

Burlap Table Number Wine Bags

If you have decided to hold your wedding in an open space, like near the seashore or in a garden, you can use this innovative method of numbering the tables. By writing the numbers on wine burlap bags and filling them with wine bottles, your guests will surely appreciate the idea and find it a fun way to find their tables.

Golden Elegance Place Card

A golden elegance place card is a perfect touch to enhance your wedding decoration. This shiny gold card with your name and your loved one’s name on it creates a sophisticated look to your wedding decoration. You will make your guests feel special and it’s a gorgeous way to ensure your guests know where to sit. If you are serving food with golden silverware, this can also be very complementary.  

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