Your wedding welcome sign serves as a functional piece of decor at your wedding. It will create a more balanced look for your wedding ideas when matched with your wedding stationery. In this month’s blog, we will guide you through the process of choosing a welcome sign that seamlessly matches your wedding invitations.

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Choosing the Right Design

When selecting a wedding welcome sign, it is important to consider the design elements that are consistent with your wedding invitations. Look for common motifs, patterns, or colors that can be replicated on the signage. For example, if your invitations feature delicate floral illustrations, opt for an acrylic sign with similar floral accents. This will create a visual connection between the invitation, the welcome sign, and the wedding theme.

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Coordinating Colors

When selecting your wedding welcome sign, keep in mind that the color of the sign should fit your wedding stationery color. Start by examining the color palette used in your wedding invitations. Are they soft and romantic pastels, bold and vibrant hues, or elegant and timeless neutrals? Understanding the color scheme will help you create a subtle consistency that ties the wedding sign and wedding invitations together.

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Considering the Material and Finishing

Beyond design and color, consider the material and finishing options for your acrylic welcome sign. If you’re our client, we recommend sign material based on the wedding style and the wedding invitations’ feel. For instance, if your invitations have a sleek and modern design, opt for a mirrored acrylic sign. On the other hand, if your invitations include a couple’s photo, a clean and modern photo welcome sign might be the perfect choice.

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