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Spring weddings are a wonder to behold. It is the time when flowers blossom and is the perfect season to plan your wedding. Bring the spirit of spring to your wedding theme and celebrate the new blossoming love between you and your partner. Here are a few spring color theme ideas to inspire your wedding planning.

1. Baby Pink & Peach Tones 

Is there anything prettier than the stunning combination of baby pink and pale and pastel yellows? It is a spectacular display of colors with a nice contrast. This combination practically screams “This is spring!” Dance within the brightness of peach tones and mellow pinks to celebrate your love. 

2. Neutral Green & Mauve  

You can never go wrong with neutrals when it comes to color schemes. Now once you add the touch of neutral green, you are in the evergreen blossom of spring again. A neutral green and mauve color palette is becoming a popular choice among wedding organizers and new couples. You can also experiment with beige as a third color to bring more vibrancy into your wedding scene. 

3. Royal Purple, Gold, & Turquoise

Royal purple is a popular wedding color. Organizers often pair it with turquoise and light shades of blue to give the reception cool and relaxing vibes. Pair it with golden accents to make a perfect royal wedding theme. It is one of the most common themes that are regal, splendid, and simply wonderful.      

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