Nothing is more satisfying than breaking the rules and norms that are outdated. Are you falling for the same myths regarding wedding invitation etiquette? After all, it is your wedding day, you decide what will go on the invitation card. If you are looking to ruffle up some conventional feathers for your wedding, we have a list of common myths that you can crush and set momentum for others to follow.

Myth #1: The wedding invitation content should be extremely formal.

Are we living in the era of kings and queens? It has been a long tradition that wedding invitations are worded highly formal with titles. But you don’t have to do that when inviting your family and friends to be a part of your happiness and joy on your wedding day. Your invite can be modern, easy-going, and in a casual tone. It represents more of a personal touch.

Myth #2: You should always follow the classic ivory theme.

Who said that? Even though classic ivory is considered to be the go-to format and color theme of an invitation, the goal here is to convey the story of love and union between two people by art and design. Get as creative as you want to be. Play with colors, texture, design, and scale to create a wedding invite you will always have great memories with.

Myth #3: You should always allow your wedding guest a ‘plus one’.

We’ll start this one off with the right foot. There is absolutely no obligation on you to let a wedding guest have a ‘plus one’. Although it is seen as a warm gesture, it is totally up to you if you plan on inviting them individually. We’ll emphasize it again: it is your wedding, you decide everything, from the guest list to all the event’s details.

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