It’s the smallest things in a wedding that guests remember the most. One detail that adds a delightful touch to your wedding reception is personalized napkins. While seemingly small, napkins can help you create a beautiful and cohesive look for your big day. In this month’s blog, we will help you choose the right napkin type, design, color, and even an accessory to go with your wedding napkins.  

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Napkin Theme

Before start exploring your napkin options, have a clear vision of your wedding’s theme. If you have a specific wedding theme, you want to design napkins that reflect that.  For instance, beach treasures napkins could be the perfect choice for a summer-themed wedding. The design should complement your overall theme and serve as a beautiful accent to the table setting, rather than competing with it.

Choosing the Right Napkin Type

When it comes to selecting napkins for your wedding, there are many types to consider. The most common options include linen and paper napkins. Each material offers a different aesthetic and comes with its own set of benefits. Linen napkins, for example, exude an elegant and luxurious feel, while paper napkins are more budget-friendly and convenient for disposal.

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Choosing the Right Color Palette

The color of your wedding napkins can significantly impact the overall look of your reception. Consider your wedding color palette and choose napkin colors that complement or contrast with the other elements. You can match the napkin color to the bridesmaids’ dresses, the floral arrangements, or even the invitations.

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Accessorizing with Coasters

Now that you’ve chosen your napkin design, type, and color, how about getting creative and adding wedding coasters? Just like with napkins, you can personalize coasters to make them uniquely yours. You can incorporate your wedding date, initials, or a special message that holds significance for you and your partner.

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