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3 Creative Ideas to Incorporate Photos into Your Wedding Stationery!

Wedding invitation cards are an indispensable tradition on any big day. One of the most important things that newlyweds seek is to be distinguished from others with their own unique card. A special way to do this is to incorporate photos in your wedding stationery. For couples who want display a memorable photo, we have included some templates that you can choose from for your own invites. We bet that you’re going to fall in love with these ideas!

A Small Photo – The Classic Option

A small photo in a stylish invitation is one of the hottest trends for wedding stationery. For instance, including your favorite engagement photo in a classic rectangular or square invitation card can make it more personal. For card designs, you can opt for an invitation with a flap and feature the photo on the cover or inside of the card.

A Photo Montage – The Romantic Option

As a couple, you’ve probably never missed the opportunity to experience and capture special moments together. If you have taken any professional photo sessions at the time of your engagement, you can select your favorite romantic shots to make a montage before creating your invitation.

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 A Photo Poster – The Star Option

Your wedding is your special day, so there’s no question of being discreet or shy! You want to take the opportunity to highlight your beautiful love story. Therefore, do not hesitate to be the center of attention. Choose your favorite engagement picture and display it as the main feature on the card. This makes your invitation more picturesque and elegant!

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